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Hotfro black soap shampoo


Hotfro Black Soap Shampoo (SOLD OUT)

GHS 15.00   (change currency)

Our Black Soap Shampoo relieves dry and itchy scalp, dandruff, the symptoms of
scalp psoriasis, as well as giving you silky, shiny, stronger hair and encourages growth.
Neem oil is extracted from the seeds and the fruits of the neem tree, a large
evergreen tree native to India and Southeast Asia. Neem oil has been used for
centuries as a treatment for various skin and scalp conditions. It is known to be
especially nourishing for the hair. The neem tree has been shown to have
anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties. The oil has the highest
amount of the substance called azadirachtin, which gives the tree it’s anti-fungal and
pesticide properties. As a result, neem oil is a fantastic and effective treatment for
many ailments related to your hair. It really makes a big difference, and it does so seemingly overnight.

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